Continuous GI & metabolic care delivery made simple.

A healthcare platform combining cross-functional care and tech-enabled tooling to deliver better outcomes for patients and the providers who care for them.

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For conditions and treatments such as:


76% of Salvo Health patients report improvement in just 4 weeks!

Wraparound Care with Salvo Health

A comprehensive program with cross-functional support

A dedicated care team for the in-between

Our care teams offer continuous support via 24/7 messaging and monthly virtual visits to assist patients in making practical changes to manage their condition more effectively.

a care team consisting of a registered dietitian, exercise physiologist, behavioral health specialist, and licensed nurse all centered around a patient
a diagram illustrating lifestyle factors
Lifestyle factors for long-term results

When it comes to care, there is no one size fits all. From nutrition and movement to sleep and stress, we support your patients where they are at every phase of their journey.

Personalized support
on demand

Our mobile app equips patients with the tools, the team and customized resources to manage their condition - at their fingertips.

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Whenever patients need support

Cross-functional care teams are standing by, ready to support patients and respond to any questions they may have 24/7, 365.

A mobile app screen showing a message between a patient and their registered dietitian
a mobile app screen showing things being added and removed from a patients care plan

Refined to meet patient needs

Care plans are created in partnership with both patients and their referring physicians and evolve in real-time as needs and symptoms change with treatment.

To make providers even more effective

Detailed adherence data documented directly in your practice EHR enables you to spot problems early and iterate on care plans at both the patient and population level - without impacting existing workflows.

an image of a patient report

Bringing ease to the complex

Salvo Health makes it easy to start and maintain a new standard of care for patients and providers alike.

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Our engagement team reaches out to a provider's qualifying patients, and helps to onboard those interested in Salvo Health.

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Our Care Teams work with patients between their regular visits, providing 24/7 virtual support and conducting monthly 1:1 video calls.


Our support teams synthesize everything we learn and securely upload it to the provider's EHR for review at their convenience, on a monthly basis.


Increase in care efficiency


Fewer ER room visits for Salvo Health patients


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Avg. messages sent by patients per week


Days to first interaction with Care Team


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Healthier patients, happier doctors, better outcomes

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