Easily deliver high-quality continuous care

An easy to implement continuous care platform that saves time, increases revenue and improves patient outcomes.

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Obesity, GLP-1 & AOM Support

Continuous care is needed to support patients through all stages of GLP-1 and AOM journeys.

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Chronic GI

For practices with patients navigating chronic GI conditions such as IBS.

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A team that works for you

Our cross-functional Care Teams partner with referring physicians, work under the direction of your providers, and are ready to support your patients at any stage of their journey.

76% of Salvo Health patients report improvement in just 4 weeks

Modernization made easy

Support the effortless modernization of a traditional practice -without disruption.

Virtual access

Salvo meets patients where they are, providing high-touch support via in-app messaging and monthly virtual video visits.

Support between visits

Faster feedback cycles between appointments helps fill in the gaps for what works for patients and what doesn’t

Rich regular visits

Daily tools to track biometrics, symptoms, and quality of life ensure a more informed care team and in-person appointments

84% of patients describe Salvo Health as a better healthcare experience

Broaden treatment options without increasing headcount (or headache).

Salvo Health works under your providers, freeing up your time and adding new revenue capture through RPM services. Assisting practices in treating conditions such as:

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if my patients ask about Salvo Health?

If a patient asks about Salvo Health after being contacted by our engagement specialist, picking up a flyer, or being referred to our RPM services from your office, please direct them to our website at www.salvohealth.com or to our support number  There, they can connect with our Engagement team and learn more about the program.

How does Salvo Health’s Care Team communicate with my practice?

Our Care Team integrates with your practice's EHR, allowing seamless internal documentation and communication. Monthly updates on patient progress will be entered into the EHR by the Care Navigator or nurse for your review, enabling you to make any necessary care plan modifications directly in the EHR.

For all urgent patient issues or requests, a member of our Care Team or clinical leadership team will reach out to your designated practice liaison to quickly escalate issues to your team's attention. All such interactions are also documented within the patient record in the your EHR.

Do I have final sign off on the Care Plan?

Yes. Our Care Team will only deliver care approved by the patient's supervising clinician. We may make observations or suggestions in the patient's monthly note in your EHR, but it is at the supervising clinician's discretion to make adjustments to the care plan and interventions. This mostly happens following the monthly Salvo health virtual visit with the patient, but adjustments to a patient's care plan can be made by the supervising clinician at any time.

Does Salvo Health prescribe medicine or testing?

At in-person appointments, your referring physician will prescribe any necessary medications or tests. Between these visits, your Salvo Health Care Team is available to answer questions and provide support throughout your treatment.

What happens in an emergency situation?

When the Salvo team identifies a symptom or situation indicating a patient needs emergency care, we will always advise the patient to visit urgent care or the emergency room. If the patient is unreachable through the app, we will follow up with a phone call. Additionally, the Salvo Care Team or clinical leadership will notify the practice's designated liaison to inform the patient's regular clinician. All interactions are documented in the patient's record in the practice's EHR.

How does billing work?

When the Salvo nurse enters the monthly note into the patient's record, they will include diagnosis codes and billing codes in the same manner as your billing team. Upon the supervising clinician's sign off on the note, it is automatically entered into your billing team's queue with all the appropriate information to be sent to the clearing house. Salvo's goal is to complete the majority of work upfront to minimize incremental work for your administrative team.

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