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A continuous approach to how you treat gut and metabolic conditions

For patients facing chronic and painful symptoms, long wait times for an appointment risk patient health and potentially lost revenue for the provider.  Following a patient’s workup and diagnostic exams, the vast majority of cases tend to fall into low to mid-acuity, such as IBS and MASH/MASLD, and often leave patients to face more questions than answers. But, to get chronic symptoms under control, months of a partnership between patient and care teams is required in tandem with progress tracking for all that happens between a patient’s appointments.

Take back your time and gain access to reliable gut specialist partners - like our nurses, registered dietitians, and licensed social workers - who can support high touch, low acuity cases, allowing you to concentrate appointment time on new and higher acuity patients that need your attention the most. In partnership, every patient's needs are met with a high-quality experience and relief that lasts.

Better Together

Our tech-enabled platform and staff can help you do what you do best: care for the millions of Americans living with chronic gut conditions in a way that maximizes your time, while still meeting the needs of all of your patients and improving health outcomes.

Enable & Manage RPM

Using our app-based model and staffed Care Teams, Salvo Health can easily implement RPM for your patients. For a typical 10-physician practice, this can add between $2-3M a year in new billable services, with no additional staffing necessary out of your office. All patients and billing remain under your practice supervision while subcontracting our team at Salvo Health.

Boost Firm and Health System Profitability

Salvo RPM can add millions in annual revenue, while improving outcomes, freeing up practice time to see new patients, conduct more procedures and meet the needs of your community. If you are part of a health system with an ACO population health risk model, we can help you deliver better care at a lower system cost by catching situations early before they result in ER/ED utilization.

Triage & Navigate Care

As an additional option, we can help staff physicians and/or nurse practitioners to conduct triage virtual visits and help ensure high-acuity patients are seen before lower-acuity patients on your schedule. All services remain billed by you, with Salvo receiving a staffing and tech subcontract.

For GI practices and health systems that want to speak to our team about how we can integrate Salvo RPM into your workflow and EHR quickly and easily, simply click the button below.

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At Salvo Health, we'll help you do what you do best - care for the millions of those living with chronic GI conditions.

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