What’s new in July for the Salvo Health Clinical Advisory Board

Here's what the world's leading gut experts, doctors, and researchers accomplished in July


August 26, 2022

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May 2, 2024

Clinical Advisory Board
Clinical Advisory Board

We at Salvo Health have partnered up with the nation’s leading gut experts, with a Clinical Advisory Board including widely-recognized names like Dr. Mark Hyman and Dr. Mark Pimentel, Dr. Emeran Mayer, Chris Kresser, and Dr. Laura Reigada, to name a few. 

These doctors, researchers, and specialists are doing necessary work to advance medical treatment of gut conditions, and help us better understand the root causes of chronic illness.

We’ve created a list of their top accomplishments and announcements from July. 

See what’s new with the Salvo Health’s Clinical Advisory Board 

Dr. Mark Hyman wants to change how the treatment for Alzheimer’s 

Listen to the podcast at Us Against Alzheimer’s 

Dr. Hyman has always been a firm believer in the use of food as medicine, and that the average American diet is letting us down, with over-processed food, as well as some vegetables, not delivering the right nutrients for disease prevention. Alongside Alzheimer’s Talks host Meryl Comer, Dr. Hyman breaks down what commonalities in diet that people with Alzheimer’s and dementia have, and what we need to feed our gut to feed our brain. 

Discover a low-fermentation eating cookbook, inspired by Dr. Mark Pimentel and Dr. Ali Rezaie 

Get a day of eating for free here from Krystyna Houser, writer of The Good LFE Cookbook

Krystyna Houser struggled with low-fodmap eating for so long. As someone with SIBO, she was constantly looking for alternative ways to eat healthy. That’s when she discovered low-fermentation eating, developed by Salvo Health Clinical Advisory Board member Dr. Mark Pimentel. She was so inspired by this less restrictive approach to nutrition that she wrote an entire cookbook filled with low fermented recipes. 

Chris Kresser reveals 100% of Americans don’t get enough potassium, and debuts his new supplement line Adapt Naturals 

Get the inside scoop on Chris Kresser’s Adapt Naturals from blogger Wellness Mama

What we like most about Chris Kresser’s explanation of health, is that it isn’t centered on calorie intake. Like a lot of the members of our Clinical Advisory Board, Chris is more concerned with nutrient intake, which led him to develop his own line of supplements, designed to make up for the loss of nutrients that the average American loses to over-processed food and agricultural practices that strip our whole foods of their nutritional value. Chris talks to Wellness Mama, about how Americans end up overfed and undernourished and how we are a society can change our understanding of nutrition to feel better. 

Dr. Emeran Mayer dives into the advancement of FMT

Learn more about fecal matter transplantation  from Dr. Emeran Mayer in his latest blog article. 

Will FMT become an important strategy in the prevention and treatment of medical, psychiatric, and neurological conditions in which an altered gut microbiome has been identified, including metabolic syndrome, some forms of depression and Alzheimer’s disease? Dr. Emeran Mayer not only explains how FMT works, but also reviews the latest studies and research for this treatment, whether or not it has advanced enough to become more available to those living with conditions tied to the gut microbiome. 

Want to follow our Clinical Advisory Board as they continue to change the landscape of healthcare, and provide advice, insights, and actions to improve your daily life? You can check right back here every month for a routine round-up of their latest accomplishments, or give us a follow on Twitter for the latest news. 


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