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Salvo Health is the first truly comprehensive digital clinic. We’re a team united by a mission to make specialty healthcare more accessible and more affordable for the 60 million Americans with chronic gut conditions.

Healthcare Needs a Gut Check

Conventional medicine has largely focused on presciption-led solutions that hasn’t improved the lives of chronic sufferers. We need to move beyond of baseline of providing transactional medicine and focus on treating the root causes comprehensively and continuously.

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Trusted Leadership

Jeff Glueck has wanted to launch a data-driven healthcare company for years, one that would advance medical practice for chronic conditions. As the former CEO of Foursquare, he knows a thing or two about replacing what’s antiquated and reinventing an industry.

Learn more about the formation of Salvo Health, founded with Founder & CEO of Clearing Avi Dorfman and Chairman at Upper90 Jason Finger

“Our Salvo Health team brings healthcare and consumer-design experience from companies like AbleTo, FlatIron Health, Squarespace, IDEO, Quartet Health, and 23andMe.”

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Our Company Values

These are the actions that we uphold with ourselves and each other.


Move the baseline

We go beyond what’s conventional or transactional, and define success by healthful outcomes - lives and people - not just company growth or profit.


Bring ease to the uneasy

We listen to our community so that we can break down barriers & stigmas and create safe and simple experiences. We don’t avoid uncomfortable conversations to preserve a superficial harmony; we embrace conversations that get to the root of an issue and help us gain perspective.  


Respect the complex

We acknowledge the beauty and opportunity in the way our bodies work and create solutions for multidimensional people and nonlinear health journeys. Instead of focusing on point solutions or quick fixes, we insist on seeing how all the pieces fit together to address root causes.


Be whole for the sake of others

We believe in caring for ourselves as “whole selves” so that we can care for others. Where there is a trade off between a culture of overworking versus one of humanity, we choose the latter. Our best work happens when we create the right environment for people to do their best work.


Trust each other to bring our best

We arm everyone with confidence in their ability to create impact, with clear expectations and accountability. Where there is a trade off between control versus trust, we default to the latter, emphasizing context and actionable goals over prescriptive instructions.


Act on evidence; if none exists, seek to discover

We aim to understand not only how and what to move forward but why– through rigorous testing and iteration. We base our decisions on scientific evidence and data. Where little research exists, we create engines for learning and sharing to advance the science.

Hear It From Our Employees

"The team is smart, empathetic, and committed to learning from our members to continuously improve their care. Many of our members have experienced mistreatment or abandonment by the healthcare system, so providing a restorative experience is key.”

"Coming from a start-up that was recently acquired, it was exciting to join a company in its early stages again. It’s all-hands on deck to build a first-of-its-kind virtual health clinic, and establish a new level of digital healthcare, which means the environment has a distinct and exhilarating energy. I’m grateful to operate alongside a tight team of dedicated and passionate people."

"We just work differently- it’s not like any other early stage startup I’ve been at before. There’s this unspoken understanding that everything we deliver meets a certain threshold of quality that minimizes tech debt and maximizes scaling potential. I came to Salvo Health to create solutions that can contribute to improved and happier lives, and I’m doing just that on a daily basis."

“The work we do at Salvo Health is thoughtful and intentional. We’re fast-paced, but not in a rush. As a result, everyone is able to really listen to and learn from one another in a meaningful way. It’s a rare for a start-up foster that kind of collaboration across teams.”

The Benefits You Deserve

Salvo Health provides health-ful benefits for every employee with industry-competitive compensation, and benefits designed to help them maintain balance in their life, on and off the job.

Full and comprehensive medical, dental, vision

Healthcare FSA/HSA for additional healthcare spending

Retirement planning options including a 401(k)

Free membership options for OneMedical and Health Advocate

Commuter benefits, to support our hybrid working environment

New York Paid Family Leave and New York Disability benefits

Work in a hybrid environment or fully remote