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A board-certified GI specialist to identify your root causes
Continuous care with unlimited communication with your Care Team
A health coach that guides you through each step your Care Plan

Continuous care, accessible anytime, anywhere

Chronic gastro issues need consistent care and attention to really improve and overcome. Whether it’s prescriptions, diet, exercise, or sleep remedies, Salvo Health is the only place you’ll need to visit to improve your gut health.


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Use diagnostics to discover root causes

Based on diagnostic results, your board-certified specialist will design a custom Care Plan to help treat root causes


Refine your diagnosis & tailor your care

We’ll track your weekly progress and hone your Care Plan based on the insights we’re learning in real time


We know that gastro care is more than just a medication

Brain-Gut Health

How you’re feeling directly impacts your gut health. We’ll offer breathing,  meditation, and cognitive therapies to manage your symptoms.

Sleep & Movement

Physical exercise and quality sleep  improve your body’s response to pain. We’ll recommend which methods will have the highest impact for you.

Food & Nutrition

Our microbiome and nutrition experts will create customized food and supplement plans to nourish your body the way it needs.


Direct access that skips the wait

Salvo Health Membership


Continuous care along your journey towards better gastro health

Dedicated gastro specialist
Access to a board-certified provider who oversees your care
Prescriptions & diagnostics access
Supplements and prescriptions if appropriate (may be eligible for insurance coverage)
Coaching to stay on track
A dedicated coach to help you meet your personal goals
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How Salvo Health works

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What conditions does Salvo Health treat?

Salvo Health has designed a virtual clinic experience to help patients with chronic gut issues and conditions including IBS, Celiac disease, GERD, Dyspepsia, and SIBO. You can see a list of symptoms associated with these conditions here. If you’re uncertain as to whether you live with a chronic gut issue or condition, or you haven’t been diagnosed but experience symptoms associated with a chronic gut condition, Salvo Health can provide you with access to advanced diagnostics and prescriptions to get started on your gut health journey.

What’s included in a Salvo Health Membership?

When you sign up for a Salvo Health Membership, each member receives access to a Care Team, including a board-certified doctor, a board-certified health coach, and other care coordinators. Your Care Team will design a customized Care Plan, which may include diagnostic tests, prescriptions and nutraceuticals, gut-friendly food plans, brain-gut exercises, and new approaches to sleep and stress. Members will hear from their health coaches and gastro specialists regularly and can message the care team anytime.

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Who is on my care team?

Your coordinated care team will include a board-certified gastro specialist, and a board-certified health coach. The Care Team, with guidance from gut-specialist psychologists, nutritionists, and microbiome experts, will design your custom Care Plan, and connect with you async via chat to keep you on track.

Can I choose my gastro specialist or my health coach?

Based on your Salvo Health intake form, you’re assigned a board-certified gastro specialist and a board-certified health coach who have the best experience to help you on your gut health journey. If you have questions for or about your board-certified gastro specialist and board-certified health coach, you can contact Member Support.

What is a health coach?

Your health coach will be your partner in the process of implementing your Care Plan and adapting your daily habits to support better gut health. They are your source of support as you pursue the life and health you really want!

Should I ask my doctor before using Salvo Health?

Salvo Health can provide you with access to advanced diagnostics, and connect you with gastro specialists to get started on your gut health journey. You can share with your PCP that you are seeing a gastro specialist through Salvo Health. For worsening or severe symptoms, it is always best to seek out local in-person care while continuing to use your Salvo membership. In the event of a true emergency, call 911 or seek immediate in-person care as well.

Can I use Salvo Health instead of a specialist or doctor?

Salvo Health will provide specialty care for your gastro concerns, but is not a substitute for a primary care doctor. You will still need to see your PCP for routine exams and for any concerns which are outside of your gastro symptoms. For worsening or severe symptoms, it is always best to seek out local in-person care while continuing to use your Salvo membership. In the event of a true emergency, call 911 or seek immediate in-person care as well.

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