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Beginning your journey to better gut health

How Salvo Health Works

How long do I have to use the app to feel better? What is your cancellation policy?

When you sign up for a Salvo Health Membership, you will fill out an intake form that will help us form your Care Team. Once you’ve been assigned a Care Team, they will design a customized Care Plan that will guide you on your gut health journey. The Care Plan is designed to give you immediate access to diagnostics and testing, as well as help you reshape your daily routine around nutrition, sleep, and movement. Many members begin feeling relief within weeks during their Salvo Health journey.

You can pay for your membership month by month and can cancel your membership at any time.

Who is on my Care Team?

Your coordinated Care Team will include a board-certified doctor, and a board-certified behavioral health coach, and a Care Navigator. The Care Team, with guidance from gastro specialists, psychologists, nutritionists, and microbiome experts, will design your custom Health Care Plan, and connect with you via messenger to keep you on track. 

What’s the difference between a Salvo Health doctor and an in-person doctor?

Salvo Health’s care is immediate. It can be hard to find an affordable GI specialist and even harder to make an appointment for immediate relief. While you might wait months to see a doctor, you can join Salvo Health and connect with a board-certified physician via video within days, with unlimited messaging with your Salvo Health doctor for continuous questions, answers, and recommendations. 

Salvo Health’s care is continuous. While you might see an in-person specialist every few months, you can connect with your Salvo Health doctor for as long as you need, and as long as you have an active membership. Salvo Health physicians are available to adjust your treatments as you need, and help you get relief long-term for your condition. 

Salvo Health’s care is affordable. A GI specialist can cost hundreds, or even a hefty co-pay, for just one visit. Your first video call with your Salvo Health doctor will cost $99, your membership, with unlimited access to your doctor, will only cost $19/mo after! (Rx prescriptions, testing, and supplements might be an additional cost, but our recommendations are almost always covered by insurance)

Can I choose my doctor or my health coach?

Based on your Salvo Health intake form, you’re assigned a board-certified doctor and a board-certified Behavioral Health Coach who have the best experience to help you on your gut health journey. If you have questions for or about your board-certified doctor and board-certified health coach, you can contact Member Support. 

What conditions does Salvo Health treat?

Salvo Health has designed a virtual clinic experience to help patients with chronic gut issues and conditions including IBS, Celiac disease, GERD, Dyspepsia, and SIBO. If you’re uncertain as to whether you live with a chronic gut issue or condition, or you haven’t been diagnosed but experience symptoms associated with a chronic gut condition, Salvo Health can provide you with access to advanced diagnostics and prescriptions to get started on your gut health journey. 

How do I tell if I qualify for Salvo Health?

To join Salvo Health, you will need to fill out a free assessment which will ask you about your symptoms and more questions about your health status. Once you’ve completed the assessment, you will be provided more information about whether or not you qualify for Salvo Health. If you do not qualify for Salvo Health, you will be provided with a reason as to why you are unable to join.

How does messaging with my doctor work on the Salvo Health app?

Once you’ve joined Salvo Health, you are able to video call your Salvo Health doctor and text your Salvo Health doctor through the app. You can text them at any time from anywhere, but it would encourage you to practice patience when awaiting a reply. Our doctors operate nationally and since they are real people, may need some time to respond. 

What’s included in a Salvo Health membership?

When you sign up for a Salvo Health Membership, each member receives access to a Care Team, including a board-certified doctor, a board-certified health coach, and other care coordinators. Your Care Team will design a customized Care Plan, which may include diagnostic tests, prescriptions and nutraceuticals, gut-friendly food plans, brain-gut exercises, and new approaches to sleep and stress. Members will hear from their health coaches and gastro specialists regularly and can message the care team anytime.

Should I ask my doctor before using Salvo Health?

Salvo Health can provide you with access to advanced diagnostics, and connect you with gastro specialists to get started on your gut health journey. You can share with your PCP that you are seeing a gastro specialist through Salvo Health. For worsening or severe symptoms, it is always best to seek out local in-person care while continuing to use your Salvo membership. In the event of a true emergency, call 911 or seek immediate in-person care as well.

What is a Behavioral Health Coach?

Your Behavioral Health Coach will be your partner in the process of implementing your Care Plan and adopting daily habits to support better gut health. They are your source of support as you pursue the life and health you really want!

Signing Up for Salvo Health,
Step by Step

How to sign up for a Salvo Health membership

If you’re interested in signing up for a Salvo Health Membership, please start by filling out this intake form regarding your symptoms and experiences. This will better help us understand your current condition, and what you need from your membership.

How much does Salvo Health cost?

When you sign up for a Salvo Health Membership, you gain access to continuous care, including guidance and a care plan from a dedicated health coach and doctors starting at $19/mo. Your initial virtual visit with your doctor will cost $99.

While Salvo Health can connect you to advanced diagnostic testing and help with prescriptions, costs for diagnostic testing, prescriptions, and any additional supplements are additive and not included in the price above.

Where is Salvo Health available?

Salvo Health is currently available in Alabama, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida., Hawaii, Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Tennessee, and Virginia. We are in the process of expanding our care nationwide. Check back regularly for updates. 

Does Salvo Health include diagnostics and prescriptions?

Salvo Health partners with medical providers to get you access to diagnostic testing, which can be arranged with your provider through the Salvo Health app. You can also view the results of testing, and order prescriptions to a conveniently-located pharmacy through the Salvo Health app. 

Why does the intake form require personal information?

Our providers have designed the comprehensive intake process to get all the information they need to help heal your gut. The intake form will give our doctors and health coaches the answers they need to form your Care Team and design a personalized Care Plan, so you can successfully start your journey with Salvo Health. 

How many times can I meet with my doctor through a virtual visit?

You will be able to meet your doctor through video call once before continuing your care asynchronously through messaging and the app. 

When do I have to have a virtual visit with my doctor?

When you join Salvo Health, you’ll be immediately invited to schedule your virtual visit before you begin messaging your doctor and receive a Care Plan. Once you’ve completed the virtual visit, you will be able to text your doctor anytime, anywhere. 

Do I have to schedule a virtual visit with my doctor?

When you join Salvo Health, you’ll be invited to schedule a virtual visit with your doctor so you can meet them. 

It’s very important for you for our Care Team to meaningfully connect with you, so that you can put a face to the name of the person who will be guiding your gut health journey. Your doctor will use the time on the video call to ask you questions about your condition and get to know you better too. 

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