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Just $19/month and $99 for your first virtual visit

Our membership includes

Now accepting Aetna NY for diagnostic visit(s). HSA/FSA funds may also be eligible for diagnostic visit(s) and/or monthly membership cost. No contracts, cancel anytime.

Dedicated Care Team You Can Text Anytime  

  • Board-certified Physician
  • Board-certified Health Coach
  • Care Navigator

Access to Diagnostic Testing and Prescriptions

  • Physician-prescribed diagnostics - blood, stool, and breath testing
  • Prescription treatments based on symptoms

Personalized Care Plan that fits into your lifestyle

  • Evidence-based supplements and/or nutraceuticals recommendations
  • Personalized food & nutrition recommendations from Registered Dieticians
  • Brain-gut therapies & cognitive-behavioral techniques
  • Lifestyle support including sleep, movement, and stress reduction

Progress All in One Place

  • End-to-end journey reporting and data tracking
  • Daily check-ins and action items

How It Works

1. Schedule a Sync Visit

Meet with your doctor to discuss your symptom history and what treatments you’ve tried.

2. Get Immediate Relief

Your provider will assign and assess series of diagnostic tests, and suggest any supplements or prescriptions to alleviate discomfort.

3. Start practices to manage your symptoms

Based on your diagnosis, your Care Team will lead you through a series of collections of our Whole Self Science approach.

4. Develop a daily routine that prevents symptoms

With the data from these deep dives, your team creates a custom treatment plan for you that keeps your symptoms from even starting.

5. Stay on track, together

Your coach will help you integrate your Care Plan into your real life, offering encouragement and accountability along the way.

How We Compare

Conventional Specialty Care

Transactional medicine doctors

Checkups yearly

One 20-min. visit every 3-6 months

Additional out of pocket cost for health coach

Blanket prescriptions over long periods of time

No recommended lifestyle practices

Same list of recommendations for every patient

A takeaway pamphlet

Months wait for in-office visit

Zero investigation into mind-gut connection

Comprehensive and holistic doctors

Check-ins daily

Continuous and unlimited conversations

Board-certified Health Coach included

Customized prescriptions AND support to transition off them over time, to avoid long-term side effects

Comprehensive strategies for gut-related lifestyle factors

Personalized gut-friendly food, microbiome, and nutrition recommendations

Digital library of tools and resources

Zero wait for board-certified specialist

Targeted practices to restore the mind-gut connection

Quality Time with Quality Providers

Each Salvo Health member is assigned a specialized Care Team - a Physician, a Behavioral Health Coach, and a Care Navigator. Together, they deliver transformative care.

Conditions our Doctors Treat:


Associated Symptoms

Abdominal Pain
Loss of Appetite
Irregular Bowel Movements
Acid Reflux
Trouble Sleeping
Heartburn / Indigestion

We’re With You For The Long Haul

There's no silver bullet for managing chronic conditions. We partner with you both to alleviate flare-ups and move towards whole-body balance.


Get to the bottom of things


Trial your Care Plan


Gain relief and improvement


Take proactive steps and adjust your Care Plan


Trust your gut again

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Insurance Basics

Insurance is not required to become a member of Salvo Health, but can reduce your out-of pocket-expenses. We are currently in network with Aetna New York and working to expand our insurance coverage quickly. While insurance can only be applied to your diagnostic visit(s) with a Salvo Health doctor, the monthly fee can be paid from FSA/HSA funds, and any labs, diagnostic tests or prescription medications ordered by our physicians are generally reimbursable by insurance. 


What conditions does Salvo Health treat?

Salvo Health has designed a virtual clinic experience to help patients with chronic gut issues and conditions including IBS, Celiac disease, GERD, Dyspepsia, and SIBO. If you’re uncertain as to whether you live with a chronic gut issue or condition, or you haven’t been diagnosed but experience symptoms associated with a chronic gut condition, Salvo Health can provide you with access to advanced diagnostics and prescriptions to get started on your gut health journey. 

How to sign up for a Salvo Health membership

If you’re interested in signing up for a Salvo Health Membership, please start by filling out this intake form regarding your symptoms and experiences. This will better help us understand your current condition, and what you need from your membership.

Does Salvo Health provide testing and diagnostics?

Just like at an in-person doctor, Salvo Health providers will use your reported symptoms to recommend a diagnosis, testing, and medications. Salvo Health is able to connect you to labs, pharmacies, and doctor’s offices local to your home, to complete our recommended testing and fill prescriptions. Most recommended testing, treatments, and prescriptions are covered by the majority of health insurance plans. 

What’s included in a Salvo Health membership?

When you sign up for a Salvo Health Membership, each member receives access to a Care Team, including a board-certified doctor, a board-certified health coach, and other care coordinators. Your Care Team will design a customized Care Plan, which may include diagnostic tests, prescriptions and nutraceuticals, gut-friendly food plans, brain-gut exercises, and new approaches to sleep and stress. Members will hear from their health coaches and gastro specialists regularly and can message the care team anytime.

Where is Salvo Health available?

Salvo Health is currently available in Alabama, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida., Hawaii, Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Tennessee, and Virginia. We are in the process of expanding our care nationwide. Check back regularly for updates. 

Does Salvo Health work with my insurance provider?

We currently accept Aetna New York for your diagnostic visit(s) with a Salvo Health provider, and are working to expand our insurance coverage quickly. No insurance is necessary to sign-up for a Salvo Health plan. Your Salvo Health membership fee cannot be paid by your insurance carrier, but Salvo Health does accept funds from FSA and HSA. Diagnostic testing and prescriptions are generally eligible for insurance coverage depending on your plan, but any recommended supplements will be optional and paid for out of pocket. 

Should I ask my doctor before using Salvo Health?

Salvo Health can provide you with access to advanced diagnostics, and connect you with gastro specialists to get started on your gut health journey. You can share with your PCP that you are seeing a gastro specialist through Salvo Health. For worsening or severe symptoms, it is always best to seek out local in-person care while continuing to use your Salvo membership. In the event of a true emergency, call 911 or seek immediate in-person care as well.

Why does the intake form require personal information?

Our providers have designed the comprehensive intake process to get all the information they need to help heal your gut. The intake form will give our doctors and health coaches the answers they need to form your Care Team and design a personalized Care Plan, so you can successfully start your journey with Salvo Health. 

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