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Founding Salvo Health is a deeply personal cause for Jeff. After Jeff and his wife suffered a heartbreaking late-pregnancy loss that could have been avoided, Jeff learned firsthand how slowly medical practices advance, and how insurance companies and hospitals lag in incorporating the kind of advanced or genetic diagnostics that could have helped avoid their situation. Jeff has for years since wanted to launch a data-driven healthcare company, and the right moment arrived with the pandemic-accelerated changes in consumer healthcare expectations.

As the former CEO of Foursquare, Jeff helped reinvent the way the traditional industry of real-world retailers and restaurant brands use ‘big data,’ helping Fortune 500 companies apply new tools like geo-location data sets and context-aware app software to operate more smartly.

Earlier, he served as CEO of Skyfire, enabling better video experiences for users on mobile networks.  He was co-founder of, a last minute travel deals website that grew to over $100 million in sales and was acquired by Travelocity. Joining Travelocity, Jeff served as Chief Marketing Officer for six years and while at the company, global sales grew from $3.5 billion to $11 billion.

Jeff lives in Westchester NY with 3 children and his wife, Amy Ziff, founder of a non-profit that advocates for non-toxic and sustainable consumer products.

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